Having troubles registering your child online?

You most likely have not added them you your Family Group! Go to your Account and click 'My Groups', add your children's names and birthdates and then you should be able to register them no problem! If you still have issues, please contact guest services at 403-201-8652


Cardel Court Gymnasium

Cardel Court offers 5700 sq ft of pure activity space. There are no bleachers in this gym, nor are there change rooms. Nearby washrooms are available for changing. There are 6 basketball nets and the capacity for 4 badminton nets.

Bishop O'Byrne Gymnasium (1, 2 or 3)

There are 3 Bishop O'Byrne Gymnasiums that can be rented out individually or they can be opened up entirely(Cost to book all 3 is the current gym rental rate X 3 gymnasiums) BOB 1, 2 & 3 - 4200 sq ft. 3 basketball nets and 3 badminton net capacity. (with bleachers retracted) BOB 1&2 - 8400 sq ft. 6 basketball nets and 6 badminton net capacity. (with bleachers retracted) BOB 1,2&3 -12600 sq ft 8 basketball nets and 9 badminton net capacity. (with bleachers retracted)